2017-2018 Elections
Come Vote- April 11th

It's that time of year again when the club holds its annual election in April in order to prepare a slate of officers for the next riding season.  We are in desperate need of some new officers. I will run for president, Larry Jean for vice president, John Nelson for treasurer, and Bob Gaudette for Trail administrator and land own permissions. However, we would love for new volunteers to come in and take over our positions. We currently have no secretary and need someone to step into this position. We also need someone to head up and organize trail work. You don't' need to know our trails, we are able to provide a list of what needs to get done. You would just be in charge of making it happen.  This was a very challenging year for the club. Unexpected money had to be put into the Tucker 1000 Groomer last season and then, there was no snow fall to help reestablish these funds. With a bit of innovative fund raising and some generous people, we ended up being able to pay our bills and get a little ahead. Then at the start of this season, the weather and land closures hurt our trail and Snack Shack funds. We are looking into reroutes in hopes that next year is better.  We need any and all the help we can get. I would like to thank everyone that helped us, and our land owners for making this season the best it could be.


Tom Willand- President


President:  Tom Willand

Vice President:  Larry Jean

Secretary:  VACANT- Seeking a new secretary

Treasurer:  John Nelson

Trail Administrator &Land Owner- Bob Gaudette


Come vote on April 11th at 7:00 PM at the Windrifer Resort in Wolfeboro.