Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club
PO Box 268
Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896

Please print & mail this application or click here for the Pay Pal Application

Member’s Name: __________________________________________________________
Member’s Spouse: __________________________________________________________
Minor Children: __________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State:_______ Zip Code:___________
 E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________
Cell Phone: _______________________ Home Phone:_____________________
Number of snowmobiles you will register this season: ________ NHSA is asking for statistical purposes

May we contact you for:              Circle one)

·         Weekend trail work?           Yes  or  No

·         Snack Shack help?               Yes  or  No

Membership Dues: (Circle one)

Standard Membership Member, Spouse and minor children $ 35

 Trail Supporter Standard Membership +$15 Groomer Donation $ 50

 Trail Blazer (100’s Club) Standard Membership + $65 Groomer Donation $ 100

 Club Extras:

 WSC Sticker $1.00 each x ____ Qty Total: ________

 WSC trail map $5.00 each x ____ Qty Total: ________

 Additional Groomer Donation Total: ________

 Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo Donation Total: ________

Amount Enclosed: _________|

Each Club membership includes a one year New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Membership.  Register by November 1st of each year to ensure that you receive all publications of the Sno-Traveler.  Your dues help support the Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club which maintains 70 miles of local trails.  The WSMC works with the NHSA to promote safe snowmobiling on the trails.  Please ride responsibl

If you have any questions please contact:  John Nelson, WSMC Club Treasurer/Membership at wolfeborosnowmobileclub@gmail.com or 520-5240.